My Dad, The Cowboy - Angel Rust


The Chief Makes a Speech - Apocalypse Confidential


Over a Vat of Acid - Misery Tourism


Guided Meditation w/ Space Drug

 - Misery Tourism


Scott’s Body - Identity Theory


Alligator Blanket - hex


Jennybaby Swing The Ax - ergot.


Omar’s Jeep/Greg, Adam - FEED


The Forty-Five Dollar Scythe - X-R-A-Y


The Fog - Dream Pop Press


Bobby's Whistle - Always Crashing


Barn on a Hill - ergot.


Star - Back Patio Press


Goodwill - Muumuu House


New West - SWAMP


Facets of the Gemstone in the Pocket

of my Raincoat - Misery Tourism


Dan, Skeleton Man - Vlad Mag


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